KIN Somatic Body YTT Certification

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The first multi-style yoga teacher training to incorporate the latest somatic research and evidence-based leadership teachings, to deepen your understanding of mind-body connection and equipping you to promote resilience and well-being through safe and effective teaching.

SB1 - Yoga Teacher Training // Module 1

By the end of this module participants will be able to:

    • Understanding of Yoga Philosophy and Ethics
    •  Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology 
    •  Skill in Asana Alignment and Teaching 
    •  Proficiency in Pranayama and Meditation 
    •  Understanding of Somatic Body Practices 
    •  Ability to Sequence Safe and Effective Classes 
    •  Increased Self-Awareness 
    •  Improved Emotional Regulation and Resilience

    SB2 - Breathwork Teacher Training // Module 2

    By the end of this module participants will be able to:

    • The science behind breathwork and meditation
    • How breathwork and meditation works to heal the physical body, the mind, conscious and unconscious and connect with spirit and higher states of consciousness
    • A true Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit connection 
    • The benefits of breathwork and meditation, from improving sleep and immunity to healing unresolved energy, emotions and traumas from our past and more
    • The sensations and challenges people might experience during a private or group session and how to correct or coach them
    • How to prepare yourself, your clients or students and your space to co-create a powerful and transformational experience
    • Hands on practice throughout the weekend with partners and groups to gain confidence and experience
    •  Develop your philosophy and style
    • You will receive a comprehensive workbook and access to resources, studies, common questions, concerns and answers, plus guidance on waivers and insurance.


    Interested in becoming a teacher of KIN SOMATIC BODY YTT?

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