Sound for Self Healing


Experience the transformative power of SOUND FOR SELF HEALING in this One Day Immersive Course presented by KIN Unified Healing Institute. Our evidence-based approach to Sound Healing is showcased in this healing workshop and day retreat, serving as an introduction to the profound principles of whole self-healing through harmonic resonance, entrainment, and community-building techniques. Approved for 5 Nursing Contact Hours through the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Sound Therapy is KIN’s foremost curriculum for the development, understanding and mastery of the use of sound for physiological, emotional and subtle energy body healing. Through the research of the medical effects of acoustic resonance on the brain and nervous system, the effects of rhythm and entrainment on the visceral organs, combined with an in depth understanding and application of music theory in regards to crystal singing bowls, drum healing and voice healing, KIN Sound Therapy prepares individuals to use their knowledge of sound for the purpose of self healing,  meditation and recovery. 

KIN Sound for Self Healing

The 5 Principles of Sound Healing 48 min (Digital Lecture)


This 48-minute digital lecture explores the foundational principles from diverse perspectives—physics, physiology, and esoteric wisdom. Discover how sound acts as a key to unlocking healing potential across these realms. These principles serve as essential tools for any healing practice, offering insights into the profound connections between sound and well-being.

Harmonic Healing with Chromonyasa Sound Technique (75 min)

By the end of this section you will: 
  • Explore the principles and application of the Chromonyasa Sound Technique, focusing on its emphasis on Nyasa and vibratory expressions.
  • Examine the components of the Chromonyasa Sound Technique, including visual points of consciousness, breathwork, intention setting, vocalization, and movement.
  • Understand the role of the Chromonyasa Sound Technique in fostering stillness and deepening connection with the inner world.
  • Evaluate how participation in the Chromonyasa Sound Technique can enhance intuition and contribute to the regulation of the nervous system.

Voice Medicine for the Inner Child (75 min)

By the end of this section you will: 
  • Develop an understanding of vocal healing as a transformative journey towards self-expression and empowerment.
  • Explore techniques for connecting with the breath to enhance vocal resonance and control.
  • Discover and cultivate your authentic voice by releasing inhibitions and accessing deeper layers of self-expression. 
  • Reconnect with the emotional aspects of sound and explore the therapeutic potential of expressing various emotions through vocalization. 
  • Participate in a liberating free-form song circle to experience the joy and spontaneity of vocal expression, fostering a connection with your inner child and nurturing a sense of playfulness.

Rhythm Circles for Community Building (75 min)

By the end of this section you will: 
  • Discover the transformative power of rhythmic movement within a community setting, fostering a sense of connection and unity.
  • Explore the relationship between rhythm and timing in interpersonal dynamics, communication, and relationships.
  • Gain insight into the ancient wisdom surrounding the role of drums in fostering collaboration and communal living among diverse cultures.
  • Experience firsthand the synchronized beats of your own heart and their harmonious resonance with the rhythm of the group.
  • Develop practical skills for integrating rhythmic practices into daily life, enhancing interpersonal connections and fostering a sense of community.

Therapeutic Uses of Sound 18 min (Digital Lecture)


Discover the therapeutic potential of sound in this 18 min digital lecture. We'll explore its applications in pain management, immunity enhancement, trauma recovery, stress reduction, stroke rehabilitation, and support for neurodevelopmental disorders. Join us to uncover evidence-based insights and practical techniques for utilizing sound as a powerful healing tool.



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"The experiential parts of each module was the most beneficial to put into practice the understanding of the didactic portions of each module"

Sharilee "Kiwi" Hickey, RN

"I loved the opportunity to practice after the educational and scientific backing. Also the combining of science, somatics and spirituality was great! ”

June "Jumakae" Kaewsith

“The teaching of Music Theory and The entire structure of the course, was extremely helpful in understanding how to hold a sound therapy session”

Christina Boyd, RN

The Criteria for awarding contact hours is as follows:
Participants would need to complete all digital lectures (total of 66.5 min) and attend either live in person or virtually live all 234 min of the workshop. This totals 5 hours. 
- The 5 Principles of Sound Healing Lecture - 48 min (Digital Lecture) 
- Harmonic Healing with Chromonyasa Sound Technique - 78 min 
- Voice Medicine for the Inner Child - 78 min 
- Rhythm Circles for Community Building - 78 min 
- Therapeutic Uses of Sound - 18.5 min (Digital Lecture)

1. Pre- and post-assessment: Participants will complete a standardized assessment of sound therapy competency prior to the start of the program and immediately after completion of the program. This will allow for a comparison of the participants' knowledge and skills in sound therapy before and after the educational activity, providing a measure of the effectiveness of the program. 
2. Surveys and questionnaires: Participants will be asked to complete a survey or questionnaire after the program, providing their perspective on the program's content and delivery, as well as their confidence and perceived proficiency in using sound therapy as a therapeutic tool. The surveys will include both quantitative and qualitative questions, allowing for a more complete understanding of the participants' experiences and outcomes. 
3. Direct observation: The program facilitators will observe the participants during the program, as well as in clinical practice, to assess their ability to effectively integrate sound therapy into patient care. This will provide additional evidence of the participants' change in skills and practices related to sound therapy. 4. Testing: Participants will be required to complete a standardized assessment of sound therapy competency with a score of 85% or higher, and pass a post test demonstrating their knowledge of the micro techniques with score of 80% or higher.


Academic Partners

This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the American Holistic NursesAssociation, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission onAccreditation.AHNA APPROVAL # 1741

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