Deepen your healing practice through our original curriculums that is at the intersect of Science and Spirituality.

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This is a 12 week program where your child will learn about the health benefits and science of energy, meditation, breath work and sound healing!

WHEN: September 19,2022 - December 19, 2022

WHERE: Kin Unified Healing

TIME: 3:30pm - 6:00pm Mondays/Wednesdays

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KIN Unified Healing exists as a minority-owned, women-run company who is founded upon the principles of accessibility and community. We intend to pioneer the shift into self healing and demystify spirituality practices through the teaching of our original curriculum based in indigenous science, medical research, creative expression and experiential learning. Our school is a physical and digital space in which the individual may choose the pace, the path and the purpose of their own spiritual growth and development. Creating a vertical system of opportunity and support FOR ALL which raises healers from the ground up and allows for stability within their chosen field of practice.


KIN was a blessing for me. I was on a journey to level up spiritually & on a soul level. I yearned for more knowledge & mastery to offer the world but had no where to turn. Thankfully I found KIN. KIN's mastery courses have transformed my life and my spiritual practice. In less than a year I have integrated myself into 6 different supplemental courses and modalities. My soul/spirit has upgraded & downloaded immensely. My healing have become so much more powerful & unique. You will never regret a mastery course with Janelle. Thank you KIN for supporting me through this journey & blessing me with this new found confidence as a sound healer & light worker.
KIN is a special place and is a very supportive community, whether there in person or tuning in from a distance online. The various classes, mastery courses, and private sessions I have experienced both online and in person have impacted me in a tremendous way these past 2 years. Besides providing a safe space/teaching us how to create our own safe spaces for the profound shadow work that we are invited to dive into, I appreciate that classes curated by and/or led by Janelle always incorporate creative expression. All of my experience at KIN have greatly assisted me in my work to remember my authentic spirit. The classes and teachers are diverse and efficiently encourage the innerwork that is so necessary for growth. And they are fun!! From classes that teach vocal expression in sound healing, dance-based movement meditation classes, to the various intuitive/psychic development classes.
The curriculums at KIN have not only played such a huge part in my own healing, but have really given me a solid foundation in my ability to help others find healing within themselves. I am so grateful for these courses and will be a life long student.
"I have been coming here for about 6 months now. I feel so at peace when I attend classes here... I always look forward to coming to class and learning something new."
I’ve taken 9 mastery courses at KIN and it’s like going back to college but only with the best BADASS teachers and information I was actually interested in learning! Through the courses, I’ve gotten to know myself better through shadow work, developed my intuition, strengthened my connection to Spirit, and found my purpose.



is a grounding and clearing meditation downloaded from the Akashic Records. Use this meditation daily to ground and clear the energetic field and bring your energy into baseline frequency.