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Crystals are energetic keys created by the All Knowing consciousness of Gaia. Depending on their structure, their formation, their color and vibration these special allies can be used to positively interact with the human energy field or the magnetic field of a space to create balance or activate intention.

During this course you will learn:
  • Crystalline structure, formation and vibration and how that corresponds to healing use and purpose
  • Crystal Parenting: Cleansing, Charging, Programming
  • Elemental Crystal Magic
  • Crystals and the Human Energetic field
  • Creating Crystal Grids
  • How to read with Crystals
You'll be provided:
E-book + Recorded Meditations


This is a transformative deep dive into spiritual and intuitive development. In these courses you will be challenged to reimagine your relationship to yourself and the world around you, to dismantle systems of belief and artificial systems, while tuning into your unique gifts and learning techniques for spiritual development. 

* Quantum Body/Core Channel Activation 
* Spiritual Protection + Energetic Boundaries 
* Shadow Work 
* Cosmic Language: Signs, Guides, Dreams 
* Foundational Elemental Magic 
* The Art of Manifestation


Course Objectives: 
  • Understand the roots of ancient divination practices 
  • Define the evolution of these ancient practices’ form in the modern world
  • Experience reading vibration 
  • Apply the knowledge of past and present divinatory methods to create and design ones own divinatory practices
Week 1: Introductions / The Science and The Art of Divination 
Week 2: Ancient Divination Objects: How we learned to divinate from our ancestors 
Week 3: Modern Divination Objects: Evolution of Divination in the modern age  
Week 4: Abstract Divination 
Week 5: Astral Divination 
Week 6: Final Group Project

Introduction to Sound for Therapeutic Use

Join Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat, Master Sound and Energy Educator, Founder of KIN Unified Healing, and Creator of KIN Sound Therapy Certification, for an illuminating 60-minute seminar focused on the revolutionary potential of sound therapy in clinical settings. This seminar serves as a comprehensive introduction for healthcare professionals interested in harnessing the therapeutic benefits of sound healing. Dive deep into its applications for Pain Reduction, Trauma Recovery, Parkinson's and Stroke Rehab, Heart Health, and even Cancer treatment. Don't miss this unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of this emerging field and explore its diverse and transformative clinical applications.   

Experience firsthand the restorative power of sound through a guided meditation session led by Janelle. Understand how these techniques can be utilized in clinical practice to support patient well-being. KIN Sound Therapy Certification

Discover how you can deepen your expertise with KIN Sound Therapy Certification. Janelle will detail how the program is structured and how you can earn 40.5 nursing contact hours upon completion. 

Who is this for? 
  • Registered Nurses Nurse Practitioners
  • Students in Medical and Nursing Programs
  • Holistic Healthcare Providers 
  • Mental Health Professionals