Healing in Community

Curated monthly workshops for adults and kids in the most powerful modalities in self healing.

"I have been a yearly member for 2 years and boy has Kin helped me in my inner personal development with their breath work, meditation and yoga classes.  I was able to calm my anxieties and also lower my blood sugar from 8.4 to normal 5.6 due to their sound healing and yoga classes."

JS Corpuz

"Janelle and her sound baths tap into the deep levels of healing across all times, space, and realities. It was as though, I was traveling in a different plane. I have been to a few other sound baths in the LA area, but Janelle's brings forth a transformative spirit that is PROFOUND. It is similar to the Integratron in Joshua tree where you feel your WHOLE body vibrating! ”

Rea Taylor

"Kin is such a special studio with very unique classes centered on deep holistic healing. I felt that each class took me on a beautiful journey through either movement, sound or inner release."

Adele Zin


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