Crystal Meanings

Crystal Necklaces

AMAZONITE - Powerful stone for relationship work and development of personal power. Allows one the confidence to take positive risks. Helps to release toxic emotions and other unwanted energy from your heart space. 

AMETHYST - This makes it an all around excellent healing stone as it removes negative influences and attachments in the environment that would hinder one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. 

AMPHILBOLE QUARTZ - This protective, high-vibration stone increases our awareness of the spiritual realm, past-life recall, and lucid dreaming. 

AQUAMARINE - A stone of courage. Useful for closure on all levels. Clarifies perception, sharpens the intellect and clears confusion. Promotes self - expression. Highly protective during pregnancy. 

BLACK TOURMALINE - Stone for Psychic protection. Wards off negativity and clears residual energy. Helps to ground high vibe energy down to earth. 

BLUE CALCITE - Relieves unwanted emotions. Aids in relaxation and meditation and insomnia.Helps you to communicate clearly and effectively. 

BROWN AGATE MUSHROOM - Known as a stone that anchors the heart and soul, the Brown Agate brings comfort and weight where it is needed, ensuring that you feel safe and stable no matter how strong the emotional winds are blowing. 

BUMBLE BEE JASPER - Enables you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and make decisions without relying on emotions. Moves block energies in the core channel of energy. 

CARRIBEAN CALCITE MUSHROOM - Has deeply soothing, calming energy. Great for decreasing sleep disturbances or nightmares. 

EMERALD WITH QUARTZ - Emerald is an excellent stone for reviving passion, whether for an interest, a person, or a job. It is a marvelous crystal for activating artistic creativity, and for bringing focus and intensity to one’s lifework. 

GREEN AVENTURINE MUSHROOM - Stone of prosperity. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. Promotes compassion and empathy. Encourages perseverance. 

KUNZITE - A joyful stone, kunzite opens and connects the heart with the mind, encouraging communion between the two. Kunzite is also believed to help heal heartache and calm nerves. 

LAPIS LAZULI - Encourages self-awareness, allows self-expression and reveals inner truth. Helps you to retain memory. Psychic and spiritual protection. 

LEMURIAN AQUATINE CALCITE - Has the power to support and soothe one's emotional body. This allows one to become calm and control one's emotions. It also helps us with negative emotions such as stress, worry, fear, and anxiety. 

LEPIDOLITE - Lepidolite assists in the release and reorganization of old behavioral and psychological patterns, gently inducing change. It brings deep emotional healing, soothing and reducing stress and depression. 

MALACHITE - Malachite opens the heart to unconditional love. It absorbs negative energy and pollutants. It clears and activates chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance. 

MORGANITE - With its soft pinkish hue, morganite is often associated with sweetness, innocence, love and romance. In general, morganite is attuned to the heart chakra, and believed to bring healing, compassion and unconditional love while dissolving ego. 

PIETERSITE - Pietersite is a powerful protection stone, especially against the elements. It calms nervous people and animals during storms, protects when driving in bad weather, and guards homes and businesses against storm damage. It also acts as a shield against the adverse effects of technology, particularly if you work long hours with a computer. 

PINK CALCITE MUSHROOM - This special calcite variety promotes inner peace, compassion, pure love, joy, and self-healing vibrations. This is a true healer of the heart, one is able to push forward through any lingering trauma or pain that may have gone unresolved. 

PINK OCEAN JASPER - This highly energetic channel allows one the ability to combine their will with their emotions, pushing one to achieve joy, happiness and emotional stability. 

PREHINITE - Prehinite is considered a stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer. It enhances precognition and inner knowing. Enables you always to be prepared. Brings Peace and protection. 

RAINBOW FLUORITE - Absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. Increases our powers of concentration, and decision-making. Encourages positivity, and overall balance. 

RAW AMETHYST - Amethyst is a powerful stone for protection and purification of both the spiritual and physical bodies. It purifies the energy field of one’s body as well as any room it is placed in. This makes it an all around excellent healing stone as it removes negative influences and attachments in the environment that would hinder one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. 

ROSE QUARTZ - Stone of unconditional love. Reprograms the heart and helps to release stored emotional records and grief. Comforting and soothing energy. 

RUBY - Ruby is believed to promote loving, nurturing, health, knowledge and wealth. It has been associated with improved energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honor and compassion. 

SERPENTINE - Serpentine opens new pathways for the Kundalini energy. Assists the retrieval of wisdom, helping to regain memory of past lives. Clears core channel of energy and opens psychic abilities. 

SUNGITE - Shungite is the crystal of grounding, detoxification, and neutralization. Providing physical protection to spiritual protection from draining, harmful, energetic forces. 

YELLOW AFGHAN JADE - Represents wisdom gathered within peace. It's also a symbol of joy and success, protecting those who carry it. This crystal strengthens love and compassion in oneself. This crystal renews true relationships and has energetic and stimulating energy. This crystal will also attract good luck and good fortune, and it will enable self-sufficiency.

Crystal Bracelets

AMAZONITE - Powerful stone for relationship work and development of personal power. Cultivates discernment while bringing awareness of the big picture. Allows one the confidence to take positive risks. 

AMBER - Protection , Positivity, and Healing. With its nurturing energy, these Amber Tumbled Stones are the perfect stones to help connect you with your inner strength and give you a sense of protection. 

AMETHYST - This makes it an all around excellent healing stone as it removes negative influences and attachments in the environment that would hinder one’s spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. 

CARNELIAN - A stabilizing stone, Restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success. 

CELESTITE - Brings harmony and balance, and will assist the holder in finding and maintaining inner peace. Its ability to heighten divine intuition makes Celestite especially useful for Reiki practice. 

CLEAR QUARTZ - Master healer crystal. Known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain. 

DALMATIAN JASPER - Dalmatian Stone helps strengthen your connection with Mother Earth, while also channeling one's personal will in the physical realm. This unique mineral helps one pursue their goals and provides the necessary tools needed along their journey. Zodiac- Gemini, Element - Earth 

DENDRITIC AGATE - Brings fullness and abundance to all areas of life. It creates a peaceful environment and encourages the enjoyment of each moment. 

EVIL EYE - Wearing any piece of jewelry with the evil eye symbol on it provides the wearer with both power and protection against evil spirits or bad luck. 

GOLD SHEEN WITH OBSIDIAN - Dissolves negativity and purifies the aura, and is particularly useful for clearing blockages of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of our personal power. It is highly effective for exposing and releasing ego conflicts and power abuse, and dispelling any sense of futility or cynicism. 

GREEN AVENTURINE - Provides strength, confidence, courage, and happiness. It renews one's optimism for life and pushes us to take action to acquire what we want in this world. 

GREEN QUARTZ - Is associated with the heart chakra and is thought to awaken love, empathy, compassion and increase connections with others. This stone helps people look on the bright side of things, turning negative energy into positive energy. 

HEMATITE - Restores, strengthens and regulates the blood supply, aiding blood conditions such as anemia. It supports the kidneys and regenerates tissue. Stimulates the absorption of iron and formation of red blood cells. Treats leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia. 

HONEY ONYX - Connects to hospitality and warmth. 

INDIA AGATE - Stone of Eternity. Its energy vibrations transmit serenity and patience and decrease stress because it helps carry peace and tranquility. Indian Agate is also known to provide security, protection and stimulate concentration. 

INDIAN AGATE YELLOW - Indian agate is a protection stone that gives physical strength and emotional security, courage and protection. It heals and calms the body and soul and relieves stress and anxiety. 

KIWI JASPER - Kiwi Jasper helps to cleanse and align our chakras, cleanse our aura and can also absorb negative energies. It is a balancing stone that helps to align our physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm. It helps with dream recall and can facilitate shamanic journeys. 

LEPIDOLITE - Has softening energies that can affect your emotional body and keep your mental state operating in a calm manner. Lepidolite personifies the idea of self growth so you can open up to the world around you. 

PEACH AGATE - Is a protective stone and brings a sense of stability. 

PICASSO JASPER - Picasso jasper is said to make for an excellent meditation stone. Some people value Picasso jasper for its ability to renew lost friendships or to help guide during relationship transitions. This stone is said to promote inner clarity and interpretation of one's own thoughts. 

PINK JASPER - The stone of empowerment. It has withstood many changes of pressure and heat from Mother Earth and is symbolic of the courage to overcome any form of abuse on the path of recovery. 

POLYCHROME JASPER - Polychrome Jasper is a stone that signifies being true to yourself, embracing life enthusiastically, honoring limitations, as well as a fiery energy, which facilitates action, courage and creativity. 

RED QUARTZ - Blazing red quartz is an enduring symbol of love and affection. It brings long lasting friendship and ensures the fidelity of the one you love. 

RED TIGER EYES - Can enhance confidence and self-esteem. It helps provide motivation. 

ROSE QUARTZ - Is a stone of pure love. It assists in awakening the heart to its purest loving potential allowing one to find love for themselves and others. This awakening of the heart also provides deep feelings of personal fulfillment and contentment. 

SERPENTINE - This will help in our ability to love and display compassionate emotions. 

SHUNGITE - It helps reduce inflammation and can destroy harmful pathogens. Wear it too ground and protect your aura. Place a piece in your drinking water to purify and cleanse. 

SMOKEY QUARTZ - Neutralizes negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels. Protects against radiation and electromagnetic smog. Disperses fear, lifts depression and negativity. Brings emotional calmness, relieving stress and anxiety. 

SODALITE - Brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. It enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust. Sodalite balances the metabolism, boosts the immune system and overcomes calcium deficiencies. 

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ - Helps channel the loving energy of the universe allowing for soothing and calming vibrations. It allows one to see their self worth through their hearts desires. 

TIGER EYE - Releases fear and anxiety. Provides focus, stability, and purpose. Increases self esteem and integrity.