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Over Night Soundbath

Unfold the many layers of the subconscious and unconscious mind and
tap into the power, strength and prosperity of the lunar new year, Year of the Dragon as you journey through sound in this overnight soundbath. We will open the
ceremony with blue lotus tea, intention setting, and sharing. We will
practice simple before-bed breath work to prepare the mind and body,
Kundalini Yoga to activate awareness, somatic movement to transmute
stagnant emotional energy and then sleep immersed in healing
frequencies,, as KIN Sound Healers take turns playing sound until
morning sadhana.

The sound bath begins at 11:00PM in 45-minute segments, with 15-minute
silent shuniya breaks until 5:00AM.

This sound bath includes:

- Blue Lotus Tea
- Collective Astrology Reading
- Community Sharing
- Overnight sound bath with crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes
- Snacks and hot tea
- Morning Sadhana
- Card pulling table
- Breakfast of chia pudding, granola, coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, and
hot cacao.

Our hope is that you walk out of here in a deeper state of relaxation
with a connection to community.

Prepare for the sound bath by:

- Wearing comfortable clothes
- Bedding that’s about the size of your yoga mat, which can include
blankets, pillow, eye cover, ear plugs (which won't prevent you from
receiving the benefits of the sound bath)
- Water bottle
- Journal (sometimes people receive downloads and like to write them down!)
- Bring your intentions

Join us:

Friday 2/9 8:30PM - Saturday, 6:30AM at @_kin_unified_healing.

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