Solar Plexus Chakra Set

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This Chakra relates to an individual’s ability to be confident, in control of life, have a sense of belonging, and define self-esteem.

yellow: strength, personality, power, determination.

Mookaite Jasper: is a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. It brings peace and a feeling of wholeness. Mookaite helps us with decision making, especially when we are having a difficult time. It encourages versatility and helps us to accept change.

Citrine is associated with positivity and optimism, which is not surprising given its cheerful color. It's often used to assist in manifesting financial abundance and opportunities. 

Lepidolite Purple Mica: brings in good luck and dispels negativity. It also helps shift or rearrange old energy patterns, bringing hope and positivity to a bad situation. Having a piece of this stone with you will also reduce the stress that comes with significant life changes.

White aragonite can be a great crystal for granting you peace and wisdom. They are mostly known for their calm and stabilizing energies, as the frequency of white aragonite resonates most with the third eye and crown chakras. Aragonite is a stone that naturally encourages clarity and understanding.