(S) Healing the Ancestral Line / KIN Transformative Arts (Intuitive) Module 3


There are many ways to get to know your roots. We can read books, seek teachers, or ask our elders. However, in this day and age of doctored information, how can we get to the truth of who we are as individuals and as a culture? 
Sound journey is an archaic method used to connect to the unseen realms. In these unseen dimensions of the ether, and the inner dimensions of our DNA code, are imprints of our experiences and the experiences of our ancestors through our many incarnations as a soul group.
Healing the Ancestral Line is a 12-week container lead by Master Akashic Sound Healer Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat. Its aim is to create greater awareness and healing of our past and future ancestral relationships, while culminating a deep connection with our sense of self. We will share our stories together, find our common wounds, and retrieve our shared medicine. In the process, we will identify individual and collective cycles so we can break them together. 
This container will explore:
Week 1: Inner Child
Week 2: Sibling Relationships
Week 3: Mother
Week 4: Father
Week 5: Maternal Line: Grandmother
Week 6: Maternal Line: Grandfather
Week 7: Paternal Line: Grandmother
Week 8: Paternal LIne: Grandfather
Week 9: Extended Family
Week 10: Your Ancestral Past Lives
Week 11: Your Ancestral Future Lives
Week 12: Ancestral Celebration
It is not necessary to know or have known who your ancestors were. This method of journeying will bring about information needed for the intention that you have created. If you have pictures of the ancestors we are focusing on for that week, and if you know stories about them, those are always welcome to be shared. We honor the legacy of them, whether they have passed or are still with us. We share their stories because they are ours as well.
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