Lions Gate Portal


The Lions gate portal is the astrological phenomenon where our central sun becomes aligned with the spiritual sun of Sirius. In this powerful alignment a high frequency energy is generated that creates a portal for the birth of a new and undeniably heightened level of dedication to our spiritual evolutionary process as individual human beings and also as a global entity.

In numerology, the 8 is the number of infinity. It is the energy of empowerment, and supports efforts and intentions that manifest in the material world. Its power resides in its ability for manifestation on every level, so when an 8 shows up, it’s offering assistance to rapidly manifest whatever it’s directed toward—like a laser. The 8 amplifies anything it is focused on.

Come work through your blocks in a powerful breath work ceremony lead by Zaire Black and a sound journey using percussion, vocals, bowls and gong lead by Janelle Corpuz Hethcoat.