KIN Transformative Arts Certification

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Curriculum Objectives: 

  • Advanced Understanding of Sound Therapy: Develop a comprehensive understanding of sound therapy principles and techniques, going beyond the Practitioner Level to explore advanced concepts and applications.
  • Esoteric Dimensions of Sound: Gain insights into the esoteric dimensions of sound, exploring the spiritual, metaphysical, and transcendental aspects of sound healing practices.
  • Integration of Sound Journeys: Learn to integrate shamanic sound journey techniques into sound therapy practices, enhancing the therapeutic effects and expanding the range of healing modalities.
  • Contemporary Mental Health Applications: Explore the intersection of sound therapy with contemporary mental health practices, understanding how sound can be effectively utilized in the context of modern psychological and emotional well-being.
  • Facilitation of Genetic Trauma Recoding: Acquire the skills to facilitate Genetic Trauma Recoding, an original sound modality, and understand its application in addressing and transforming ancestral and personal trauma through sound therapy.

TA1 - Introduction to Sound Journey // Module 1

By the end of this module, you will: 
  • Provide an overview of the concept of Akashvani and its relationship to the Akashic Records 
  • Establish a foundation for multidimensional healing and its practical application
  • Teach the Higher Heart Prayer as a intentional tool for multidimensional healing 
  • Guide students in accessing, receiving, and navigating sound journeys 
  • Teach techniques for tonal sound journey, including mantra, sound formula, and rhythmic pattern 
  • Understand the role of epigenetics in sound and multidimensional healing 
  • Examine the concept of the Quantum Soul and its relationship to choice and quantum possibility 
  • Explore the use of sound in shamanism and its relationship to brain coherence and the Sattvic mind 
  • Understand the role of the heart as a vehicle for intuitive access 
  • Explain the Law of Vibration and how it relates to principles of energy and the spiritual anatomy 

TA2 - Vibrational Shadow Work // Module 2

By the end of this module, you will: 
  • Understand the concept of the Shadow 
    Recognize the relevance of the Shadow of the Indigenous Psyche in the modern world 
  • Compare and contrast Freud and Jung's approaches to Analytical Psychology
  • Meet and confront personal demons
  • Examine the relationship between Shamanism and Psychology from a comparative perspective
  • Comprehend Vedantic and Buddhist approaches to Ego Death and Karma in Eastern Esotericism
  • Examine the Shadow of Religion and Spirituality and its impact on personal beliefs and values.
  • Assess the Shadow of Power, Competence, and Success and its impact on self-esteem 
  • Examine the Shadow of Sex and Sexuality and its impact on personal relationships 
  • Recognize the Shadow of Body and its impact on health and wellness 
  • Assess the Shadow of Relationship and its impact on personal growth 
  • Analyze the Shadow of Ego and its relationship to incarnation 

TA3 - Healing the Ancestral Line // Module 3

By the end of this module, you will: 

  • Examine the influence of epigenetics and generational trauma on the expression of DNA code, utilizing sound journeys and guided meditations to delve into the hidden dimensions of ancestral relationships, both past and future. 
  •  Analyze and recognize individual and collective cycles and patterns that contribute to intergenerational trauma, employing trauma recovery strategies to break these patterns and facilitate personal and ancestral healing. 
  •  Establish a secure and supportive environment that encourages open sharing of stories, enabling participants to identify common wounds and retrieve shared healing practices. 
  • Cultivate a profound sense of self-connection and belonging within a broader ancestral lineage, integrating evidence-based techniques to enhance this connection and promote personal growth. 
  • Pay homage to the legacy of ancestors, whether their identities are known or unknown, by engaging in story-sharing exercises and co-creating meaningful ancestral celebrations that promote healing and understanding. 
  •  Acquire practical techniques rooted in scientific research to identify ancestral patterning, enabling you to discern recurring themes, behaviors, and beliefs within your lineage that contribute to intergenerational trauma.
  • Explore evidence-based approaches to foster ancestral communication, including methods such as meditation, journaling, and ritual practices, that can facilitate a deeper understanding and connection with your ancestors. 
  • Utilize evidence-based tools and exercises to navigate and heal from ancestral wounds, promoting personal growth, resilience, and transformation within the context of generational trauma.
TA4 - Multidisciplinary Divination // Module 4
By the end of this course you will learn: 
  • Ancient Divination Practices Understanding: 
  • Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the historical roots and cultural origins of ancient divination practices. 
  • Evolution of Divination in the Modern World: 
  • Define the transformative journey and contemporary adaptations of ancient divination practices in the modern context. 
  • Reading Vibration Proficiency: 
  • Develop practical skills in reading and interpreting vibrational energies as integral components of divinatory techniques. 
  • Application of Divinatory Knowledge: 
  • Apply insights gained from both historical and contemporary divinatory methods to create and design personalized divinatory practices. 
TA5 - Genetic Trauma Recoding // Module 5
By the end of this module, you will: 
  •  Understand the concept of genomic imprinting and its role in gene expression, including how epigenetic changes influence genetic functioning and can contribute to intergenerational trauma. 
  •  Explore the theory of intergenerational trauma and its implications for inherited genetic changes, recognizing how trauma experiences can be transmitted across generations through epigenetic modifications.
  • Learn the principles and techniques of Genetic Trauma Recoding, a sound frequency-based modality that induces theta brain state and facilitates access to altered states of consciousness for perceiving the client's genetic inheritance through their electromagnetic field. 
  •  Develop and enhance extrasensory perception abilities, including retrocognition, precognition, and proprioception, to access the Akashic Sound dimension and receive genetic trauma information during the healing process. 
  •  Gain an understanding of the role of the subconscious mind in storing emotions, events, archetypes, and defense mechanisms that contribute to epigenetic changes, and how these factors can be recalled and addressed through the Genetic Trauma Recoding methodology. 
  •  Acquire skills in assisting clients in recalling genetic trauma experiences and connecting them to current physiological, emotional, or mental issues, both conscious and unconscious, through conveying perceived information of their genetic experiences. 
  •  Learn and apply verbal, written, and somatic releasing techniques to support clients in integrating and recoding their genetic inheritance, facilitating healing and transformation. 
  •  Cultivate ethical practices and maintain appropriate boundaries as a practitioner of Genetic Trauma Recoding, ensuring the well-being and safety of clients throughout the healing process.