(S/V)Breathwork Certification / KIN Breathwork Teacher Training Module 2

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Not all who attend our training want to be teachers, many are individuals looking to deepen their own healing and transformation – this life changing training can accelerate years of inner work and spiritual seeking with grace and ease by allowing you to become your own healer

If you’re looking to accelerate your own healing or want to truly teach and share this deeply satisfying modality with the world then this is your class!

During your weekend training you will gain a deep understanding of the science, empathy, techniques, and how to harness your own philosophy behind this breathwork and meditation so you can teach one-on-one or in groups.

*The science behind breathwork and meditation.

*How breathwork and meditation works to heal the physical body, the mind, conscious and unconscious and connect with spirit and higher states of consciousness. A true Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit connection

*The benefits of breathwork and meditation, from improving sleep and immunity to healing unresolved energy, emotions and traumas from our past and more.

*The sensations and challenges people might experience during a private or group session and how to correct or coach them.

*How to prepare yourself, your clients or students and your space to co-create a powerful and transformational experience.*Hands on practice throughout the weekend with partners and groups to gain confidence and experience.

*Develop your philosophy and style.

You will receive a comprehensive workbook and access to resources, studies, common questions, concerns and answers, plus guidance on waivers and insurance.

Style: Single Course