About Janelle

Janelle C Hethcoat, is a Los Angeles based master holographic sound healer, akashic records reader, and Sekhem Khrem energy healer. Janelle began her classical musical education at the early age of 6. From the age of 9 to the age of 17 Janelle would train with some of the best vocal teachers in theater and opera.

Seeking to heal herself from infertility, Janelle began to study Holographic Sound and received her degree in 2017. Through the healing power of sound and a long harsh fertility journey, she did what the doctors said she could not do, she conceived naturally. Then propelled by her miracle pregnancy, Janelle was called into full time multi dimensional healing work.

In 2019 Janelle along with Antoinette and Trisha, opened Jupiter Soundscape, a community funded healing space, in the heart of her hometown Walnut, CA.

Akashic Records Reading 30 min $55 / 60 min $111

The akashic records are the energetic imprint of your soul throughout multiple timelines and dimensions. This reading will help you to identify programs, loops and pitfalls that are preventing your from evolving into your highest self.

Sekhem Akashic Sound Healing 75 min $175

Sekhem Khrem is an ancient system of wisdom taught in the temples of ancient Egypt. It is an all knowing state of consciousness. Sekhem is believed to be the original foundational energetic system that gave birth to other similar forms of energy healing such as Reiki and Seichim. Channeling the source energies from Sirius, Orion and the Lemurian star systems Sekhem energy is believed to be the same energies that allowed the civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt to rise to their peaks of technology. Janelle channels this energy to clear, optimize and reprogram in the core channel of energy present in our physical and energetic bodies. This session includes an akashic reading, hands on energy healing and crystal vocal soundbath. This session is great for removals and cord cutting.

Akashic Vibrational Healing 80 min $190

In this session Janelle channels healing vibrations directly from the clients Akashic Records through vocals, light language and hand symbols. After a brief visualized meditation Janelle will open the clients records and begin to use vocal frequency to move through the clients core channel receiving messages from the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones about matters which are pertinent for healing and dissolving emotional and mental blocks, karmic patterns, souls purpose and programmed limiting beliefs. The akashic records may share information about past, present and future lifetimes. This session is a full 60 min sound bath with crystal alchemy bowls and vocal toning, as well as a 30 minute akashic records reading.

Holographic Sound Healing 60 min $150 / 3 pack $333

In this private session you will be immersed in pure tone crystal bowl vibration and channeled sound. Using the principle of resonance the practitioner uses frequency to raise the vibration of the core channel, create change at a cellular level, and create a bridge from the subconscious to conscious awareness enabling healing from deeply held trauma.

Divine Womb Sound Healing 80 min $175 / 3 pack $444

Our reproductive systems are so prone to emotional and physical trauma. This can cause major unforeseen obstacles in the goal of child bearing. Fertility healing employs the use of a transmitting crystal, programmed intention, and sound frequencies as activators to aid in the rejuvenation of cells, and the removal of blockages in regards to conception. This session comes with a yoni egg and is recommended to do in a three pack.

Sacred Partner Sound Healing 80 min $222

In this session Janelle uses the healing frequencies of crystal alchemy bowls, channeled vocals and communication techniques to reignite the sacred bond between yourself and your partner. Creating balance in the energy centers of both partners and intuitively seeing any blockages or impediments in the workings of both energetic fields Janelle helps to activate closeness and compassion as you journey together within. This session can be for romantic partners, children and parents, or even friends.


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Written by janelle corpuz