(S) Sekhem Khrem Level 2 / KIN Energy Medicine Module 2


Infinite Sekhem-Khrem is an Egyptian form of energy healing that channels ancient energy from the Sirius and Orion star systems. This energy, which helped create humankind as it is today, is considered the source energy that streams to our universe. It is believed that the people of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis were able to channel this energy using the original form of Sekhem to bring their civilizations to their peak.

After the fall of Atlantis and Egypt, it is said that the survivors of these venerable civilizations went to live with other cultures, spreading knowledge of this energy system across the world. As they taught their practices over the centuries, translating them into different languages and cultures, their healing system became buried under layers of rituals and teachings. This is why there are so many similar types of “healing systems” out there with different names.

Sekhem-Khrem is the specific type of energy filter for the source energy from the stars made distinct by its Egyptian heritage and it's extremely high vibrational frequency. Because of its strength, which can be intensified at will, and its unfamiliarity to most practitioners, Sekhem-Khrem requires a grounded, initiated practitioner who can look at your core channel system during a healing session, rather than the chakras that he or she would examine during a Reiki treatment. This form of healing also includes symbols that are used in a six-dimensional way rather than two-dimensional that we see in other practices today.

Jaclyn Kalkhurst, a Master Sekhem-Khrem teacher, practices from the lineage of Helen Belôt, who originally recreated this form of Sekhem in 1992. Belôt trained in both Reiki and Seichism before creating Sekhem, trying to understand what she was calling forth from the stars. But after her deep exploration into both of these established healing arts, it was confirmed by both her Reiki Master and her Seichism Master that she was doing something different. She worked in depth with Phoenix Summerfield, the creator of modern-day Seichism, to develop Sekhem. For more information on Master Belot, please go to her website at http://sekhem.com.au/.