(S) Ego Awareness / KIN FOUNDATION Module 1


EGO AWARENESS is a 4 week digital and in studio container where you will learn the anatomy and purpose of the ego, how it develops throughout our lives and how it contributes to the patterning of our limiting beliefs. Everyone of us has an ego, it is actually quite necessary for our survival. But is also has its pitfalls. When we become aware of our own ego defense mechanisms, and we do all have them, and the various ways our egos experience depletion, we begin to take notice of the appearances of these internal phenomena and how they bleed out into our various ways of being and our relationships. In this awareness lies our power to shift consciousness by choosing emotional intelligence and learning how to regulate ourselves in a healthy way. 

When we begin to understand these things about ourselves, we are also able to have a deeper understanding for others. This is Module 1 of KIN Foundation. 

KIN FOUNDATION BEGINS THIS AUGUST! Learn the foundations of conscious leadership from a woman BIPOC Collective of experienced healers, mental health professionals and scientists. Be a part of the school of thought that aims to shift institutionalized perspectives in education, health and wellness. 

  • The anatomy and purpose of the ego
  • Ego development and Limiting belief patterning
  • Ego Defense Mechanisms and Emotional Intelligence
  • Ego Depletion and Self Control/Self Regulation
  • Consciousness Science and Perceptions of Reality
  • Dreaming, Mindfulness, Altered States of Consciousness
  • Ego death, plant medicine and psychedelics