(S) Crystalline Keys 2 / KIN Crystal Healer Module 3


Crystalline Keys 2.0 is a day immersion and a digital lecture that consists of an energetic deep dive into crystal vibration by crystal group, color and healing intention and an experiential learning excursion to a local mine where students can go rock hunting for semi precious stones such as Morganite, Aquamarine and Tourmaline. We will cover crystal basics like structure, cleansing, charging and programming, grids, as well as elemental crystal understanding.

Crystals are energetic keys created by the All Knowing consciousness of Gaia. Depending on their structure, their formation, their color and vibration these special allies can be used to positively interact with the human energy field or the magnetic field of a space to create balance or activate intention.⠀

During this course you will 
  • Take a deep dive into crystal vibration by crystal group, color and healing intention
  • Crystalline structure, formation and vibration and how that corresponds to healing use and purpose⠀
  • Crystal Parenting: Cleansing, Charging, Programming⠀
  • Crystals and the Human Energetic field⠀
  • Visit a local mine, and commune with mother earth to find precious gems