(S) Crystal Singing Bowls / KIN Sound Therapy Module 1



  • Vibrational medicine is based of the 3rd immutable law of the universe which is "EVERYTHING VIBRATES". Everything our physical body is composed of vibrates at different resonant frequencies. When there is disease in the body vibrational medicine would point to a blockage in vibration of the nadis, veins/arteries, or chakras. Through understanding the theory of the Descent of Manifestation, one would grasp that any block or manifestation of disease in the physical body has deeper roots in the emotional, thought, or etheric levels of the subtle bodies
    These blockages of energy can even have roots in non present dimensions of the physical self, but could be from past lives, ancestral trauma and soul imprint fragmentation.

    Every ancient culture recognizes the importance of music and sound as a way of connecting with spirit, healing illness or malady, and creating altered states of consciousness. The common thread amongst all the worlds most ancient cultures points to the ancient understanding that all is vibration, including the human body, the subtle bodies and the collective universe

    This course was created as a deep dive into the technology of crystalline sound and its effects on our subtle and physical body. In this certification course you will learn the vibrational modality of healing with the crystal sound bowls, in combination with the voice and other instruments. You will learn

    • Vedic vs Tibetan Systems of Sound Healing

    • How to properly play the crystal bowls

    • Harmonics vs Dissonance

    • How to read energy using sound and visualization

    • How to hold space using sound

    • Vocalization and Other Instrumentation



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