Crystal Sound Bowls - Frosted Quartz

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The Original Frosted Crystal Bowls are excellent for meditation, individual and group settings. They are ideal for cleansing and clearing the chakras and the aura of the body, as they are able to effectively stimulate the auric field by showering the body with vibrational energy.  This vibrational energy can then be directed in and around any part of the body and cultivated to heighten the experience of meditation.  These bowls remain the number one choice for sound healing.

C - ROOT (grounding, stability, manifestation, vitality)

D - SACRAL (emotional, womb healing, creativity)

E - SOLAR PLEXUS (strength, will, confidence)

F - HEART (the bridge to spirit, love, discernment, balance)

G - THROAT (communication, expression, unreleased truth)

A - THIRD EYE (thoughts, dreams, mental stability and clarity)

B - CROWN (connection to spirit)

​Available in 432HZ, 440HZ and 444HZ

Best used for: A high resonate vibration and emanating their sound for a period of time even after playing. Allowing additional time for the vibrational energies to be directed to where they are most needed and further enhancing the experience of group or individual cleansing, clearing, healing and balancing within the body.


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