(S/V) Vibrational Shadow Work / KIN Transformative Arts (Intuitive) Module 2


In this certification course you will learn how to heal yourself as you access a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey, including your own. The akashic records provides us with a powerful stream of extra dimensional wisdom that can help us to embody our higher selves more fully, as well as identify areas in which we are being called to spiritually evolve.

This Immersion will include lectures, activations, Akashic technology and practicum:
* Introduction to the Records
* Spiritual Hygiene (Before and After Interfacing with the Records)
* How to Enter the Records using Sound and The Pathway Prayer
* How to Receive, Gain Clarity and Navigate the Records
* The Stages of Akashic Healing
* Spiritual Biology (Soul Matrix Breakdown)
* Theories of Multidimensionality
* Quantum Flame Technology
* Inner Dimensional Release
* Channeling Quantum Light for Healing
* The Ancestral Anatomy of Past Lives and Intergenerational Trauma
* Timelines and Multidimensional Release
* DNA Activation through Tonal Chakra Upgrade

And more.

If you are ready to heal deeply, evolve spiritually, and know more of the truth embedded in your soul’s purpose this course is for you.

Required Reading: How to read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe