Healing Candle

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Our new line of candles plays with the balance of complementary frequencies. When complementary frequencies are placed next to each other a harmonious balance is created for the manifestation of all your intentions.

This candle is for healing, whether its grief, sorrow, anger, loss or a physical ailment. Our healing candle can be used during times of stress, emotional turmoil, or can even simply be used to help you relax from a hectic day.

Directions: Write a clear and specific intention for yourself. Place this intention underneath the candle. Knock candle on table three times and light the wick.

Let the candle burn as you meditate on your intention. Allow it to burn all the way down bringing your intention into fruition. If you need to put the candle out, snuff it but never blow out the flame. Blowing will cause the work to be blown away.

Candle infused and dressed with Chamomile and Lavender herbs, Rosemary, Lemon and a Citrine crystal. This is anointed with authentic Egyptian essential oils.