Yoga for Mental Health

We provide a wide range of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes and courses to aid students in establishing a structured and supportive practice. Our certified teachers continuously seek further education to maintain their credentials and uphold the highest standards for their privileged roles. 

For those who prefer independent practice, we offer on-demand online courses that focus on specific areas of yoga (such as breathing) and include both video instructions and home exercises. These courses can be started at any time and are accessible whenever you're ready. Equinox and Solstice courses come with a schedule to follow and also offer live stream practices. 

Live stream classes are an excellent way to connect with a teacher and community in real-time. In these classes, you'll learn and practice yoga postures and techniques to enhance well-being. Live stream classes are a part of our Yoga for Mental Health Membership, or can be taken as a drop-in. All you need is a good internet connection and the ability to log into Zoom to participate. After purchasing a Membership or registering for a class, you'll receive the link to join. 

At our studio in Walnut, we also offer in-person yoga therapy groups on a limited basis to pre-registered students. To attend, you must first request and secure a spot in a group. Yoga therapy is a proven way to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health, and with the guidance of an experienced therapist in a small group setting, you'll discover how to maximize its benefits for your unique needs and circumstances.