KIN Unified Healing exists as a minority-owned, women-run company who is founded upon the principles of accessibility and community. 

At KIN we believe healing is for everyone and wellness education should be accessible to those who need it most. This is why we have created the SEVA COMMUNITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND to assist individuals who feel called to heal themselves and others, but are unable to participate in our curriculum or one on one healing sessions, due to financial and social disadvantages.

We intend to pioneer the shift into self healing and demystify spirituality practices through the teaching of our original evidence based standardized curriculum. Our school is a physical and digital space in which the individual may choose the pace, the path and the purpose of their own spiritual growth and development. Creating a vertical system of opportunity and support FOR ALL which raises healers from the ground up and allows for stability within their chosen field of practice and in life.

Scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis and will be announced at the start of each quarter. 

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October 1