A multidisciplinary certification program for sound based intuitive healing, trauma recovery, and cognitive/behavioral reprogramming.


KIN Transformative Arts is a multidisciplinary curriculum in intuitive healing, trauma recovery, and cognitive/behavioral reprogramming. Through the research and application of reading vibration through the electromagnetic field, the understanding of sound and the brain, applied theories of epigenetics, and the study of shamanic techniques such as sound journey and guided meditation, individuals will undergo profound discovery of the self and multi-lineage healing. Graduates of this degree will obtain the understanding of how to counsel clients through transformation and recovery with trauma informed literacy, through multidisciplinary intuitive practices such as Akashic Records, Genetic Trauma Recoding, and Ancestral Healing. 

- Explore your inner world and understand the connection between your thoughts, emotions, and actions. 
- Recognize and heal past and generational traumas that may be hindering your personal growth. 
- Understand the principles of indigenous wisdom, Eastern esotericism, quantum physics and mechanics, consciousness science, intuition research, and sound healing techniques and apply them in your life. 
- Learn how to integrate their shadow self and explore ancestral healing to create a greater sense of wholeness and self-awareness. 
- Use sound as a tool to induce brain and heart coherence, leading to greater insight and emotional release. 
- Develop a deeper understanding of multidisciplinary divination and vibrational shadow work, and learn how to apply them in their personal and professional lives. 
- Learn how to heal the ancestral line and recode genetic trauma to create a new legacy of health and well-being for themselves and their families. 
- Become a certified transformative arts practitioner with the skills and knowledge to help others in your personal transformation journey. 
- Create a deeper sense of connection and purpose in their lives by consistently practicing self-discovery and navigation through sound. 
- Apply the principles and techniques learned in this curriculum to create a more fulfilling and meaningful life for yourself and those around you.