Level 2

In this module, you will achieve the following: 
* Outline the History and Mechanics of Sound healing  
* Recognize Vedic vs Tibetan Systems of Sound Healing 
* Define The 5 Principles of Sound Healing 
* Distinguish Types of Vibration 
* Associate the effects of Sound on the Brain and Nervous System in Clinical Settings 
* Experience Sensory Processing (auditory and vestibular balance) 
* Produce Sensory Modulation (harmonics and the visceral nervous system) 
* Use the Chromo Nyasa Sound Technique for energetic balance and sensitivity 
* Apply the Circle of Fifths to Sound Healing 
* Analyze harmonic and dissonant pairings for optimal use 
* Discover Crystal Bowls Technology (Hz Frequencies) 
* Apply Playing and Tuning your Bowls 
* Assess individual client or group needs 
* Create and Design best practice solutions for sound healing sessions
By the end of the module, you will: 
* Develop, Find and Apply The Power of the Voice 
* Distinguish the Use of the Voice in Indigenous Traditional Medicine 
* Understand Medical Evidence of Applied Vocal Use 
* Develop Breath and Oral Motor Facilitation 
* Recognize Voice, Ear, Brain Mechanics 
* Apply Vocal Techniques for Somatic Releasing 
* Facilitate Simple Body and Vocal Warmups 
* Create Vocal Vibrato 
* Produce The Four Voices 
* Find Vocal Range 
* Understand the use of Psychoacoustic Notes in Non Verbal Expression 
* Facilitate Vocal Expression in a one on one and group setting 
* Develop the Sounds of Natural Emotions 
* Facilitate the Recognition of the Tangible and Intangible Voice

Module 1: Crystal Sound Resonance

Module 2: Multidimensional Voice

Module 4: Introduction to Sound Journey
Module 5: Vibrational Shadow Work
Module 6: Ego Awareness
Module 7: Healing the Somatic Body
Module 8: Emotional Intelligence
Module 9: Understanding the Shadow Self
Module 10: Self Care Practices
Teachers Assistant Hours - 11.5
By the end of this module, you will: 
Outline the History and Mechanics of the Drum and other Percussion Instruments 
* Distinguish Drums from Across the Globe 
* Recognize the role of Drums in Traditional Indigenous Medicine 
* Understand the role of Percussion/Rhythm on Brain Dynamics and Perception 
* Apply Drumming for Entrainment and Neuroplasticity 
* Develop Rhythm Fundamentals and Applications 
* Produce Universal Drumming Patterns For Therapeutic Intervention 
* Develop Gross Motor Control & Fine Motor Skills through Physical Rhythm and Timing 
* Analyze and Apply various Drumming Techniques 
* Facilitate Call and Response Exercises 
* Create and Design Personal Percussion Set 
* Learn Drum Circle Praxis 
* Facilitate Best Practices for Individual and Group Drumming
By the end of this module, you will:
* Provide an overview of the concept of Akashvani and its relationship to the Akashic Records 
* Explain the Law of Vibration and how it relates to principles of energy and the spiritual anatomy 
* Understand the role of the heart as a vehicle for intuitive access 
* Explore the use of sound in shamanism and its relationship to brain coherence and the Sattvic mind 
* Examine the concept of the Quantum Soul and its relationship to choice and quantum possibility 
* Understand the role of epigenetics in sound and multidimensional healing 
* Teach techniques for tonal sound journey, including mantra, sound formula, and rhythmic pattern 
* Guide students in accessing, receiving, and navigating sound journeys 
* Teach the Higher Heart Prayer as a intentional tool for multidimensional healing 
* Establish a foundation for multidimensional healing and its practical application.
By the end of this module, you will: 
* Understand the concept of the Shadow 
* Recognize the relevance of the Shadow of the Indigenous Psyche in the modern world 
* Compare and contrast Freud and Jung's approaches to Analytical Psychology 
* Comprehend Vedantic and Buddhist approaches to Ego Death and Karma in Eastern Esotericism 
* Examine the relationship between Shamanism and Psychology from a comparative perspective 
* Meet and confront personal demons 
* Analyze the Shadow of Ego and its relationship to incarnation 
* Assess the Shadow of Relationship and its impact on personal growth 
* Recognize the Shadow of Body and its impact on health and wellness 
* Examine the Shadow of Sex and Sexuality and its impact on personal relationships 
* Assess the Shadow of Power, Competence, and Success and its impact on self-esteem 
* Examine the Shadow of Religion and Spirituality and its impact on personal beliefs and values.
By the end of this course you will:
* Understand the anatomy and purpose of the ego 
* Recognize the development of the ego and how it contributes to limiting belief patterns 
* Identify and manage ego defense mechanisms and increase emotional intelligence 
* Develop self-control and regulation in response to ego depletion 
* Explore the science of consciousness and how it affects our perceptions of reality 
* Discover the benefits of mindfulness, dreaming, and altered states of consciousness 
* Gain insight into ego death, plant medicine, and psychedelics as tools for personal growth and transformation
By the end of this course you will: 
* Develop an understanding of the foundations and science of embodiment and somatics for healing 
* Explore the sensory experience in the body, mind, and soul * Gain awareness of indigenous and modern schools of thought on the body and their relation to spiritual philosophies * Learn fundamental lessons on human anatomy and the nervous system 
* Discover the science of senses and stimuli and how they impact the bodyUnderstand the dynamics of pain and how it relates to the body 
* Practice somatic exercises to enhance body awareness and promote healing 
* Understand the human stress response and how it affects the bodyExplore the body map of emotions and how they impact overall well-beingIdentify bodily paths to spiritual awakening through mindful movement and breath practices.
By the end of this course you will be able to: 
* Define emotional intelligence and the emotional experience* Understand the emotional anatomy, including the heart-brain and gut-brain connection 
* Explore how emotions impact our thinking and mental health 
* Analyze how emotions affect relationships in personal and organizational contexts 
* Develop interpersonal relationship skills 
* Compare emotional intelligence to IQ using Emotional Quotient Inventory 
* Identify and clear trapped emotions through Emotion Code techniques* Learn how to unlearn negative behaviors and reactions that may hinder emotional intelligence development.
By the end of this course you will: 
* Understand the origins of the shadow self in spiritual and concepts of good and evil 
* Learn about the creation of the False Self, including repression and the ego 
* Identify personal shadows and their impact on behavior and relationships 
* Explore projections and the manifestation of shadows in personal and professional relationships 
* Understand the body as the shadow, including how disease, illness, and sexuality are related to shadow work 
* Analyze the relationship between success, achievement, and shadows in the workplace 
* Investigate the shadow in religion, spirituality, and the collective 
* Identify and process disowned aspects of the self, including guilt, blame, shame, jealousy, and anger, in order to integrate them into the whole self.
By the end of this module you will:
* Understand the importance of energetic hygiene and its impact on overall health and well-being 
* Learn about self-care science, including the principles of self-discipline and self-study 
* Understand the principles of physical exercise and movement to achieve tangible health goals, disease prevention, and improved performance 
* Analyze the science of sleep, rest, and stillness in promoting optimal physical and mental health 
* Practice meditation techniques and develop self-discipline to enhance mindfulness and relaxation 
* Develop self-study skills and understand the power of intention in creating a balanced life 
* Explore strategies for choosing happiness and developing stress coping mechanisms 
* Learn techniques for energy cleansing and spiritual alignment to promote inner peace and harmony.
* Assisting the sound therapy teacher during Crystal Bowls, Voice Healing, and Drum Healing modules by providing support and aid to ensure smooth operation of the sessions. 
* Setting up and preparing the necessary equipment and instruments for each sound therapy module, including crystal bowls, microphones, drums, and other required tools. 
* Assisting in creating a conducive and comfortable environment for participants, ensuring proper seating arrangements and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. 
* Collaborating with the teacher to demonstrate proper techniques and practices of using crystal bowls, voice healing, and drum healing for therapeutic purposes. 
* Providing individual attention and guidance to participants during practical exercises, helping them to develop their skills and deepen their understanding of sound therapy. 
* Assisting with administrative tasks such as organizing course materials, taking attendance, and managing participant records. 
* Supporting the teacher in facilitating group discussions and Q&A sessions, addressing participant queries, and fostering a positive learning environment. 
* Participating in sound therapy demonstrations and practice sessions, both as a teacher's assistant and as a participant, to enhance personal understanding and experience. 
* Assisting in evaluating and assessing participant progress, providing feedback, and documenting observations for the teacher's review. 
* Assisting in the cleanup and maintenance of the sound therapy space, ensuring proper storage and handling of instruments and equipment after each module.