Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork
from a Mental Health perspective. 


Week 1: Exploring the Nature and Purpose of Emotions 
Week 2: Cultivating Awareness and Balance 
Week 3: The Impact of Emotions on Mental Health 
Week 4: Navigating Relational Dynamics
Week 5: Recognizing Emotions in Others 
Week 6: Growing our Emotional Quotient 
Week 7: Clearing Trapped Emotions 
Week 8: Unlearning Auto Responses 
Week 9: Emotional Resilience through Surrender 
Week 10: Nurturing Emotional Regulation 
Week 11: Emotional Co-Regulation 
Week 12: Honoring Emotional Growth

Week 1: Intro to Sound Healing
Week 2: Balancing the Chakras
Week 3: Grounding - Root Activation
Week 4: The Oceanic Feeling - Sacral Clearing
Week 5: Fire and Transformation - Solar Activation
Week 6: Temple of the Heart - Heart Activation
Week 7: Divine Communication - Throat Activation
Week 8: Lunar Connection - Third Eye Activation
Week 9: Cosmic Realms - Crown Chakra Activation
Week 10: Physical Body Balancing
Week 11: Subtle Body Balancing
Week 12: Integrative Sound Journey

Week 1: Are you being Received or Misunderstood? 
Week 2: Becoming Aware of Perceptions 
Week 3: Strengthening the Nervous System 
Week 4: Experiencing your personal sound current 
Week 5: Releasing Inner Anger 
Week 6: Recognizing Emotions in Others 
Week 7: Thoughtlessness and Intuitive Speaking 
Week 8: Cooperative Communication 
Week 9: Letting your presence speak 
Week 10: Conflict Resolution through Heightened ObservationWeek 11: Communicating with the Unknown 
Week 12: Sadhana: Maintaining the Practice

Week 1: Recognizing the Self in Relationships 
Week 2: Understanding Your Patterns in Relationships 
Week 3: The Significance of Self Love 
Week 4: Identifying Relationship Wounds 
Week 5: Forgiveness and Letting Go 
Week 6: The Role of Conflicts in Relationships 
Week 7: Building Vulnerability for Intimate Connections 
Week 8: Rebuilding Trust with Self and Others 
Week 9: Honoring Individuality Within Relationships 
Week 10: Empathy for Compassion and Understanding 
Week 11: Healing Family and Ancestral Relationship DynamicsWeek 12: Sustaining Conscious Connections

Week 1: The Science of Self Care 
Week 2: Elemental Anatomy: Ayurveda 
Week 3: Building Routine for Empowerment 
Week 4: Embodying Release 
Week 5: Motivation vs Discipline 
Week 6: Navigating Anxiety 
Week 7: Understanding Energetic Imbalances 
Week 8: Tuning the Harmonic Self 
Week 9: Breathing for the Nervous System 
Week 10: Clearing Energy in the Self 
Week 11: Clearing Energy in our Space 
Week 12: Creating Your Self Care ToolBox

Week 1: In Life and Death; The Path to Surrender 
 Week 2: Cultivating the Heart of True Existence 
 Week 3: Exploring Ego Detachment 
 Week 4: Realizing the True Self Through Devotion 
 Week 5: Embodying the Higher Self 
 Week 6: Embracing Sacred Cycle of Life and Death 
 Week 7: Your History of Loss 
 Week 8: From Grief to Growth 
 Week 9: completing our Cycles Pt1 - Relationships 
 Week 10: Completing our Cycles Pt2 - Grief & ForgivenessWeek 11: Seeking Support; Satsang / Community 
 Week 12: Bhakti as an Embodied Practice  

Week 1: Building Self-Awareness 
Week 2: Embracing Self-Compassion 
Week 3: Challenging Limiting Beliefs 
Week 4: Overcoming Self-Doubt through Cultivating IntuitionWeek 5: Cultivating Positive Relationships 
Week 6: Setting Boundaries and Assertiveness 
Week 7: Body Positivity and Self-Image 
Week 8: Goal Setting and Achievement 
Week 9: Cultivating Resilience and Dealing with Failure 
Week 10: Navigating Imposter Syndrome 
Week 11: Stepping into Your Authentic Power 
Week 12: Embracing the Radiant Self / Sustaining Self-Worth

Week 1: Healing Pain through Somatic Body Mind ConnectionWeek 2: Awakening the Breath and Releasing Tension 
Week 3: Core Stability and Spinal Alignment 
Week 4: Healing from Lower Body Injuries 
Week 5: Rehabilitation for Upper Body Injuries 
Week 6: Restorative Yoga for Deep Relaxation 
Week 7: Mindful Meditation for Alleviating Stress 
Week 8: Balancing the Nervous System 
Week 9: Yoga for Pain Management 
Week 10: Functional Movement for Daily Life 
Week 11: Integration and Mindful Movement 
Week 12: Celebrating Progress and Long-Term Wellness

Week 1: The Intangible Voice 
Week 2: Finding the Voice 
Week 3: Vocal Somatic release 
Week 4: Muladhara Nyasa 
Week 5: Svadisthana Nyasa 
Week 6: Manipura Nyasa 
Week 7: Anahata Nyasa 
Week 8: Vishudda Nyasa 
Week 9: Ajna Nyasa 
Week 10: Sahasrara Nyasa 
Week 11: Psycho Acoustic notes 
Week 12: Call and Response

Week 1: Empowering Physical Boundaries 
Week 2: Strengthening Emotional Boundaries 
Week 3: Building Mental Boundaries 
Week 4: Finding the leaky boundaries 
Week 5: Understanding Trigger Reactions 
Week 6: Expressing Boundaries 
Week 7: Using Boundaries in Relationships 
Week 8: Understanding Contextual Boundaries 
Week 9: Recognizing Transgressions of Others' Boundaries 
Week 10: Exploring Age Regression 
Week 11: Understanding Projective Identification 
Week 12: Creating a Personal Boundary Plan

Week 1: Rhythmic Foundations 
Week 2: World Rhythms 
Week 3: Drumming for Connection 
Week 4: Elements of Nature 
Week 5: Drumming and Dance 
Week 6: Improvisation and Creativity 
Week 7: Healing Rhythms 
Week 8: Drumming for Mindfulness 
Week 9: Drumming for Empowerment 
Week 10: Drumming for Transformation 
Week 11: Drumming as Celebration 
Week 12: Community Unity Jam

Week 1: Ch'ipiri - Ignite the Fire Within 
Week 2: Tandi - Meeting us in this Realm 
Week 3: Mintzia - The Heart's Journey 
Week 4: Yurhekuani - The Divinity in Us 
Week 5: Kurhikua - Facing our Fears 
Week 6: Tzirapecha - Ancestral Knowledge and Connection 
Week 7: Tsanharhini - The bridge between two realms 
Week 8: Tikukua - Embodiment of You 
Week 9: Jurhani Iamendu - To come to One pt 1. 
Week 10: Jurhani Iamendu - To Come to One Pt 2 
Week 11: Uandani - The Story of You 
Week 12: IntspeniGratitude

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