In this module, you will achieve the following: 
* Understand crystals' properties, structures, and vibrations for healing. 
* Learn practical crystal parenting techniques for caring and attuning them. 
* Discover elemental crystal magic and its incorporation into practices. 
* Examine the relationship between crystals and the human energetic field. 
* Master creating crystal grids for specific intentions using sacred geometry. 
*Develop skills in reading and interpreting crystal messages and energies.
By the end of the module, you will:
* Explore Crystal Vibration by Group, Color, and Healing Intention * Understand Crystalline Structures, Formation, and Vibration for Healing 
* Explore the Relationship Between Crystals and the Human Energetic Field 
* Commune with Mother Earth (Note: Availability may vary for visiting a local mine). 



Module 3: Crystalline Core Healing 1

Module 4: Crystalline Core Healing 2
 By the end of the module, you will: 
* Understand crystals and chakra healing, using crystals to balance and enhance energy centers. 
* Learn techniques to activate crystals and incorporate them into healing practices. 
* Channel and embody the love frequency through crystals for deep healing and transformation. 
* Develop a spiritual practice for channeling and sharing the healing frequency, strengthening your energetic connection and abilities. 
* Explore individual chakras and their crystal allies for profound healing and transformation. 
* Complete regular homework assignments to reinforce learning and progress in the Crystalline Core program. 
By the end of the module, you will:
* Master Preparation for a Session: Learn the essential steps for preparing for a healing session, including client intake and assessment, creating a supportive environment, and establishing a practitioner-client connection. 
* Understand the Body Pathway: Gain in-depth knowledge of the body pathway, including the energetic flow and key energy centers, enabling you to effectively identify and address energetic imbalances during a healing session. 
* Develop Closing Techniques for a Session: Learn effective techniques to conclude a healing session, including grounding and integrating the energy work, providing closure to the client and ensuring a harmonious completion of the session. 
* Integration of Crystals, Intuition, and Energy Channeling: Utilize the knowledge and skills acquired in Crystalline Core 1, combining crystals, intuition, and energy channeling to facilitate the flow of healing energy and optimize the effectiveness of your healing sessions. 
* Prerequisite: Completion of Crystalline Core 1: Ensure a strong foundation in working with crystals and energy channeling, utilizing your own intuitive skills before progressing to this course and further enhancing your abilities as a practitioner. 
By the end of the module, you will: 
*Understand the mechanics of communication, including the elements and process of sending and receiving messages 
*Develop conscious intention and attention in giving and receiving messages
*Learn to perceive others' emotions and express emotions effectively in communication 
*Develop active listening skills for improved communication *Understand and practice verbal and nonverbal communication techniques 
*Learn strategies for managing conflicts and power dynamics in communication 
*Analyze the communication climate and its impact on relationships, including cultural differences 
*Understand and develop positive self-talk for improved self-esteem and communication 
*Explore interpersonal relationship dynamics and develop skills for effective communication in relationships.
By the end of the module, you will:
*Understand the relationship science and its impact on our first relationships 
*Learn about the need to belong and the attachment behavioral system 
*Analyze romantic relationships and explore strategies for choosing a compatible mate 
*Understand the relationship between relationships and health, including mortality 
*Identify physical and physiological boundaries in relationships 
*Explore the concept of the inner child and age regression in relationships 
*Develop skills for giving and receiving in relationships 
*Learn about the characteristics of healthy boundaries and how to establish them 
*Understand the dynamics of triangulation and co-dependence in relationships 
*Analyze the basic dynamics and core issues in relationships for improved communication and understanding.
By the end of the module, you will:
*Understand the concept of attachment and loss, including the psychological and emotional impact of losing someone or something we are attached to 
*Learn about the stages of grief and the grieving process 
*Identify common myths about loss and explore strategies for coping with loss 
*Analyze the physical and relational effects of loss, including how it affects our behavior and relationships 
*Understand the importance of choosing to recover and transform in the aftermath of loss 
*Create a loss history graph and complete loss to gain a deeper understanding of the grieving process 
*Create a relationship graph and identify recovery components to move forward in healthy ways 
*Learn to identify pain and undelivered communication in order to release negative emotions and promote healing  *Practice the 9-point Tibetan death meditation as a tool for processing grief and accepting the impermanence of life.
By the end of the module, you will:
*Understand the definition of trauma and the principles of trauma-informed care 
*Learn how to recognize trauma in oneself and others  *Understand the impact of trauma on the brain, stress responses, and the nervous system, including recognizing triggers 
*Analyze the core concepts of trauma-informed care, including safety, trust, collaboration, empowerment, and choice 
*Develop grounding techniques for safety in the body and reducing symptoms of trauma 
*Learn strategies for empowerment, including asking questions, encouraging agency, and the power of choice  *Understand the delivery and application of trauma-informed care, including effective communication and the use of intuitive information 
*Explore the concept of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue, including how to mitigate their impact through self-care strategies.