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Sound and Cacao Ceremony with Alex and Janelle. Cacao a drink that opens heart space, served traditionally for creating community and communication. It has positive effects on digestion, reduces stress, improves cognitive function, and lowers the risk of diabetes.
Welcome to our 60-minute Sound Healing class led by student practitioners. In this class, you will experience the powerful healing properties of sound through crystal bowls, drums, gong, and voice. These community classes help our student graduates fulfill their practicum hours.
Welcome to our 60-minute Voice Healing class led by student practitioners. In this class, you will experience 12 weeks of voice healing. Different themes every week. Week 1: The Intangible VoiceWeek 2: Finding the VoiceWeek 3: Vocal Somatic releaseWeek 4: Muladhara NyasaWeek 5: Svadisthana NyasaWeek 6: Manipura NyasaWeek 7: Anahata NyasaWeek 8: Vishudda NyasaWeek 9: Ajna NyasaWeek 10: Sahasrara NyasaWeek 11: Psycho Acoustic notesWeek 12: Bhakti Call and Response. 
Welcome to our 60-minute Yoga class led by student practitioners. In this class, you will experience 12 weeks of healing. Different themes every week. Week 1: Healing Pain through Somatic Body Mind ConnectionWeek 2: Awakening the Breath and Releasing TensionWeek 3: Core Stability and Spinal AlignmentWeek 4: Healing from Lower Body InjuriesWeek 5: Rehabilitation for Upper Body InjuriesWeek 6: Restorative Yoga for Deep RelaxationWeek 7: Mindful Meditation for Alleviating StressWeek 8: Balancing the Nervous SystemWeek 9: Yoga for Pain ManagementWeek 10: Functional Movement for Daily LifeWeek 11: Integration and Mindful MovementWeek 12: Celebrating Progress and Long-Term Wellness
Welcome to our 60-minute Drum Healing class led by student practitioners. In this class, you will experience 12 weeks of drum healing. Different themes every week. Wee 1: Rhythmic FoundationsWeek 2: World RhythmsWeek 3: Drumming for ConnectionWeek 4: Elements of NatureWeek 5: Drumming and DanceWeek 6: Improvisation and CreativityWeek 7: Healing RhythmsWeek 8: Drumming for MindfulnessWeek 9: Drumming for EmpowermentWeek 10: Drumming for TransformationWeek 11: Drumming as CelebrationWeek 12: Community Drum Jam.
KIN Community Empowerment are monthly events driven by community leaders providing whole body wellness support. It's about being able to bridge the KIN Community with the diverse communities around us. To be able to provide support, gain new insights and broaden our understandings of the world, but also make a positive impact on others around us creating a ripple of kindness and support. There will be a Donation Based/Community Care Healing Clinic in energy, sound and readings being offered to the community.
Syntropic agriculture is a form of dynamic agroforestry, a regenerative practice inspired by collective, indigenous farming practices throughout the world. The goal of syntropic agriculture is to build self-sufficient ecosystems where every being, step and soul is respected in its role and entirety. As we dive into the principles of building up the forest floor, we’ll unpack the many ways that we are merely a reflection of nature and its processes.Day one will be dedicated to theory. Day two will be dedicated to service.