Donation-Based FAQ

We believe healing is for everyone. 

We placed this location here to provide service to our community and we are here to do just that. “Learn how to heal yourself and be the way for others” has been our motto and this is said in the spirit of inclusivity. So it is with great honor and love that we are restructuring our weekly schedule to ALL DONATION BASED.No one in our community will be turned away for lack of funds.

How to sign up for classes: 
1. Check out the Weekly Class schedule on our website or download our new KIN APP found on the Apple Store 
2. Select the class, and choose from the donation amounts listed OR you can use your Unlimited Membership to reserve a class. 
3. If you'd like to donate cash or are unable to donate, select the: "Pay when you arrive option" 

In the spirit of transparency here is where your donation is going: 
- 50% of the funds collected will go to a community scholarship fund. More information on scholarship applications to come next month. 
- 50% goes to our instructors. 

If you want to keep your membership you can, all class packs are still valid and usable. It equals to about $4 - $7 a class if you were to take 3-5 classes a week. If you want to cancel your membership you can. Email if you want to transfer your membership credit to a mastery course you can.  

Questions? Email: