How to Use Your Crystal Healing Set


The PRINCIPLE of RESONANCE in physics states that when two frequencies are brought together, the lower will ALWAYS rise to meet the higher. Our human bodies are composed of minerals and crystals. Crystal minerals help to affect our subtle organizing energetic field through vibration. Our vibratory frequency is ever changing because of the structure of our organism. We are very easily affected by factors in our environment, diet, and lifestyle. Our bodies function is to maintain homeostasis. Crystals are living beings, whose composition is homogenous to itself and therefore stable in vibration. We can use the energy of crystals to help us do work for ourselves and others by using their natural formations to direct their energy supply


Crystals are like people, they need to be cleaned both physically and energetically.  Just like anything these tools have a magnetic field, picking up energies they encounter just by being. You want to try to cleanse your crystals at least once a month (Full Moon is a great time!) If your stones feel energetically heavy or for some reason you don't feel attracted to their vibration, it’s time to cleanse them. After you cleanse them they will feel energetically lighter and more attractive. 

Crystals can be physically cleansed with a damp microfiber cloth. Energetically crystals can be cleansed and charged in Full Moon Light, Full Sunlight (only for 30 minutes at a time), on the raw Earth, natural bodies of water like the Ocean or Rivers (just don't lose them!), Selenite or Sea Salt/Herbs, and pure sound (Singing Bowls). 


Listen to this guided meditation and tune into each one of the crystals in your set one by one. 

Your Healing Crystal Set Meanings

Easy Crystal Rituals for Manifestation and Healing

Take your crystal in your receptive palm (the one you don't write with). Begin equal inhalations and exhalations for a count of 5 until you feel centered and grounded. Visualize the crystal glowing its light into your palm and receive its wisdom. With your other hand begin to free write in your journal. Allow the crystal to bring your creative ideas for manifestation or emotions/thoughts that need to be released onto the page. Don't stop writing until 3 pages are filled. Thank the crystal for its guidance. 

Take all the crystals in your set and create a grid around a cup of water (you can also do this with coffee or tea if you like). As you place the crystals remember your healing intention. Begin equal inhalations and exhalations for a count of 5 until you feel centered and grounded. Visualize the crystals light glowing and permeating the liquid in your cup. When you are ready and you feel the vibration of the water has shifted, drink your fully charged drink. Our cells are composed of mostly water, and water carries memory and can transform the formation of other water molecules.

Take all the crystals in your set and create a grid around the room or the space you would like to bring your healing intention into. Place each crystal in all four corners of the room or at the four corners of your desk or worktable. To amplify the energy place a clear quartz tower in the center of the room or table. Speak your intention out loud to activate all the crystals and enjoy your healing forcefield.

Want to Learn More about the Healing Power of Crystals?

Crystalline Keys is a 6 part self paced digital course that will teach you everything you need to know about crystals and developing your own intuitive healing practice with them. 

During this course you will learn: Crystalline structure, formation and vibration and how that corresponds to healing use and purpose Crystal Parenting: Cleansing, Charging, Programming Elemental Crystal Magic Crystals and the Human Energetic field  Creating Crystal Grids How to read with Crystals. You'll be provided: E-book + Recorded Meditations