(S/V) Multidisciplinary Divination / KIN Intuitive Leader Module 5


Learn the art of reading symbolism and frequency in this course which is designed to strengthen your interface with the Universal flow of vibration.

In this container we will explore many different disciplines in the art of divination including but not limited to:




*Tarot and Oracle




*Somatic Signal

Ancient Divination Objects: How we learned to divinate from our ancestors



*Coffee & Tea



Modern Divination Objects: Evolution of Divination in the modern age 

*Tarot Decks

*Golden Dawn & turn of the century 


*Oracle Decks

*Alana Fairchild


*Regular Playing Cards

*Ouijia Board


*Personal Objects

*Living Spaces

*Crystal Readings

*Connecting energetically 

Abstract Divination: Tapping into the 



*Music Lyrics

*Spoken Words & Conversation 


*Tapping into Clairsentience

*Body Awareness



*Angel Numbers




*Using any book



*Seeing the Auric Field

*Seeing & Feeling Energy




*Crystal Ball Gazing 

Astral Divination: Accessing different dimensions 


*Yantras & Mandalas

*Sacred Geometry

*Non verbal communication

*Dream Interpretation