(S/V) Genetic Trauma Recoding / KIN Transformative Arts (Intuitive) Module 5


In this intermediate level certification course we build upon the level 1 foundations. You will learn how to utilize the akashic records and the combined modality of sound to access an individual's soul imprint for the purpose of bringing awareness to limiting beliefs, outdated programming, and soul agreements. With this capacity we are able to guide individuals to heal and embody their highest purpose, and facilitate in soul retrieval as well as soul and soul group evolution.


This Immersion will include lectures, activations, Akashic technology and practicum:

  • Code of the Akashic Healer

  • Vibration and Vibrational Controls for self

  • God Song: The first language of Creation

  • Grounding and Protecting Yourself and the Client

  • The Use of Guides within the Records

  • Toning, Crystal Bowls and Akashic Music Theory

  • Receiving through the Chakras

  • Receiving through on Body touch

  • Delivering Akashic messaging to the Client with practical application

For your clients you will learn and practice these multidimensional healing techniques:

  • Inner Dimensional Release

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Relationship Healing (Multidimensional Forgiveness and Chakra Reprogram)

And more.

If you are ready to help others heal deeply, evolve spiritually, and know more of the truth embedded in your soul’s purpose this course is for you.

Prerequisite : Akashic Sound Level 1


This is a 4 week container